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The slideshow above may give you an idea of why I have remained here! Altho it is hard to believe that it has been 8 months!   As it is said here-  ‘months flyby, but days proceed slowly. Strange paradox. Maybe it’s because this island has its own speed- slow down.      

First clue- Pushing  against or working harder might have worked back home in the Mid-West , but not here. It is like a third world country in that. It is also said that Kauai has its own flow and it will win. At first, I found this to be difficult to accept. I came with alot of ‘shoulds’ about getting things done –now. There were schedules running through my mind, but I found myself  heading for the beach anyway.

Second clue-  I AM in Kauai so why not ENJOY? I had imagined being on island for so long… so I chose to relax into gratitude. Mahalo for the mountains, ocean, flowering bushes, rainbows, frequent mists, waterfalls, hula, spectacular views, fresh smells, farmers unidentifiable fruits, enlightened souls, amazing musicians, fresh fish, trade winds and the ‘aina’ (energy of the earth and ancestors).

(Alot of things). This acceptance of the beauty of the moment seems to be easier here. My mind was so engaged in WI, that I didn’t really, really know that I could disengage more. I thought I had mastered Tolle’s present moment- but I only got the overview.  It’s ok ,of course, but humbling. The constant gratitude puts me into the FLOW and the spirit of ALOHA.

I would recommend to anyone- leave ‘home and ‘re-create who you are. Downsizing stuff, living in a new rythmn, learning new customs- being like a high school graduate again. Only this time- with more knowledge and wisdom. Opportunity.
After all- what is important?

One thing- I did leave people that were and still are important to me. 
So please share your comments as well. I will try to add posts monthly. 

Aloha to all,


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