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Expansive view of the sun kissing the ocean.

What of dreams?
We all have those imaginings of what our lives could be if…. more money, different parents, new circumstances. Then we could let our inactive imaginations soar to visions we wouldn’t dare before.

One lonely night in July 2009 I asked my pillow, ‘Will I never get to travel to an island and explore a beach lifestyle? Or 
Find an enchanting soul mate? Or
Am I destined to remain in my comfortable, but average lifestyle in Wisconsin?’

My pillow had nothing to offer except a comfortable spot for my head.
As 2009 continued, many of the world’s realities began to crumble-financial markets, housing values, employment, etc. My situation shifted as well.  Several years before, I had purchased a small investment condo in Hawaii. Now the bank was taking it away with no loan modification offered.  My known world flipped. This seemed a disaster.
Maybe this was the time to awaken my dreams- ‘reality’ seemed gone. I took a leap. I would live in my departing condo for the next 3 month? My sister agreed to come with. We left on Dec. 8th.
My pillow asked ‘Are you crazy?’ 

My sister, Donna, and I during our first week on island. Each day we had to pinch ourselves that we were really here.

This is Salt Pond Beach- one of our favorites. Great swimming and beautiful sunsets.

Posted August 8, 2010 by lindafarr

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